Development of grain import and export

Development of import and export of agricultural and food products to the Commonwealth of Independent States

Reliable supplier source

A reliable source of grain and agricultural products for manufacturing brands

Benefiting from the best quality Russian grains

The possibility of direct import of crops and livestock from Russia with the best quality and the most suitable price

Introducing Taher Business Development Company

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Taher Business Development Company is the official representative of Rusagro Group. as one of the largest agricultural holding companies in Russia operates and is currently one of the main producers of sugar, crops, It is oil and fat.

Official representative of Rus Agro Holding Group

Tahir Business Development Company, as the official representative of Rus Agro Holding Group, in order to facilitate international trade through international exchanges, supply and supply of agricultural grains and wider cooperation with other stakeholders of grain industries and factories and food producers, with the approach of importing all kinds of agricultural products and livestock inputs, as well as the development of exports to the target market in neighboring countries, established in 1401 and business development as the official representative of the Rus Agro Holding Group, and now it is engaged in importing wheat, barley, corn, Soy and sunflower oil from the best farms in Russia and food exports to neighboring countries continue.

Products and Services

Products and services of Tahir Business Development Company

Imports and exports

Buying, selling, importing and exporting all permitted commercial goods, including crops, livestock and related industries and products

commercial activities

Carrying out commercial and investment activities in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, poultry breeding, beekeeping...

Creation of food industry

Investing and creating food industries and any factories and facilities related to agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry and bee breeding


Distribution and spread of all kinds of agricultural and livestock products and related equipment and tools throughout the country

Studies and research

Studies and research related to new agricultural products, cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes

mutual investment

Joint investment with foreign companies in the field of agricultural and livestock products in order to invest in the country and abroad

Sales process

Carrying out import, export, collection, storage, transformation, classification, packaging, marketing and sale of agricultural and livestock products.

Creation of agricultural units

Investing and creating agricultural units, including agricultural, horticultural, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, silkworm and honey bee units.

Providing agricultural products

Providing all kinds of products related to agriculture such as seeds, seedlings, seedlings, animal and chemical fertilizers, plant and animal pesticides.


The best clients of Tahir Business Development Company

Iran State Trading

State Livestock Affairs

Etka Organization

Zar Macaron

Navid Persian Gulf


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