Rusagro Group is Russia’s largest vertically integrated agricultural holding company. It is currently the market leader in the production of sugar, pork, crops, oil and fat. The land bank of this group includes 668 thousand hectares. The company is listed on both London Stock Exchange (LSE), Astana International Exchange (AIX) and Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX).

According to the statistics of some Russian investment banks, in 2015, the Rusagro group of companies was recognized as one of the most profitable companies in the consumer market of the CIS countries, and the income of this group in 2020 was estimated at 159 billion rubles.

The geographical scope of Rusagro Holding’s sales is constantly expanding, so that currently, this company sells its products in more than 80 regions of Russia and more than 60 countries of the world, and about 20 thousand people work in this company.

The activity of Rusagro group of companies is in 4 areas of meat production, sugar production, oil production and cultivation and agriculture and has been the largest supplier of food products in the Iranian market for more than 5 years. Due to the logistics and transportation facilities in the Caspian Sea, this company has the possibility to supply its products at a reasonable price in Iran and is willing to invest in the processing facilities of Mazandaran province, especially in the field of sunflower oil bottle packaging.

Rusagro Group’s main assets are located in Belgorod, Tambov, Sverdlovsk, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg, Saratov, Samara, Kursk, Voronezh and Orel and Primorskiy Kray of Russia, which allows the company to diversify its business on a regional basis. The head office of the group is in Tambov and the representative office is in Moscow.

Advanced technology is at the heart of our business and is integrated into everything we do, both in terms of equipment and management practices.
Rusagro’s sales geography is constantly growing and evolving. Currently, we sell our products in more than 80 regions of Russia and more than 49 countries around the world.

Rusagro products are sold under the following brands:
Sugar business sub-branch: Russkii Sakhar, Chaikofsky, Brauni, Mon Cafe, Horoshy Sahar, Tepliye Traditsii
Oil and fat sub-branch: Gotovim Doma, EZhK, Schedroe Leto, Mechta Khoziayki, Saratovsky, Zahr pechka, Chudesnisa, Rosiyanka, Ya lubly gotovit, Maslava, Olivez, Yarko and Buket provensal
Meat subcategory: Slovo Myasnik

Tahir Business Development Company as the official representative of RosAgro Holding Group, in order to facilitate international trade through international exchanges, procurement and supply of agricultural grains and wider cooperation with other stakeholders of grain industries and factories and food producers, with the approach of importing all kinds of crops and livestock inputs , also the development of exports to the target market in neighboring countries, established in 1401 and business development as the official representative of the Rus Agro Holding Group.

And now it continues its activity by importing wheat, barley, corn, soy and sunflower oil from the best farms in Russia and exporting food to neighboring countries.

The short-term perspective of the company is business development, development of import and export of agricultural and food products to the independent countries of the commonwealth and a reliable supplier source for manufacturing brands.

One of the projects carried out by Taher Business Development Company is to import about 300 thousand tons of wheat from Russia in 1401 and supply it to Iran State Trading Company (GTC) for distribution in the country.

Taher Business Development Company has an official representative and trading office in Moscow (Rus Agro), Dubai (Lemur Textile Limited) and Tehran (Triton Taher Trading Company).